Capturing Life's Moments

When people ask me what I do, I explain to them that I am in Preferment - I do the things I prefer! Photography is a passion I came to later on in life after a 20-year career in "Bleeding Edge" technology. I now can't imagine myself ever working in an office again!

I shoot under the Hotlens banner ( Terry Ochse Photography is my personal brand which I use primarily for  my private photos and my personal portfolios. Hotlens is owned by Neil Probert of Hotlens photographic ( In South Africa you cannot specialise in one genre as the market is too small. The primary genres that Hotlens shoots is Fashion, Glamour, Boudoir, Swimsuit, Lifestyle, Portraiture, Wedding and Bridal Boudoir. 

Although I have no intention of becoming a Wildlife photographer, I gain immense pleasure in photographing the wild. Nothing can heal your soul like the bush. I find many similarities between Portrait and Wildlife photography. The "eyes" are the critical focal point in both.

Credit for the photo to the late great Vogue photographer Erwin Blumenfeld.

Terry Ochse
Untitled photo