Our name says it all. Our lenses are Hot, our images are Hot and we bring out the Hot in you.

After spending many years shooting fashion for Top magazines and publications, we have identified a unique way to bring out the beauty of every person. No matter who you are, we strive to make every person look and feel like they belong on the cover of a magazine.

Hotlens is a team of two photographers. Every client can enjoy the benefit of having a complete set of images shot by both our photographers. Although shot in the Hotlens style, each photographer brings his own subtle uniqueness to each image. Hotlens also separates the roles of photographer and director / producer. Two professionals looking at the same "image" from different angles and viewpoints brings out a level of detail that is unique to Hotlens. This gives our shoots an edge with mind blowing results. The model can concentrate on the direction given, feeling at ease and comfortable, while the photographer captures the emotions and beauty of the moment.

Our mission is to make everyone walk away feeling better than they did when they arrived.

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