I have more than 20 years experience shooting fashion, glamour and commercial photography in many countries. Over the past 10 years my work has been published in many fashion magazines, on billboards and other advertising media. Examples are Image magazine (international), Hairdressers Journal, Elle, Cosmo, Sports Illustrated, Wrapped and Glamour magazine to mention a few.

I have also fulfilled the role of photographer and Director / Producer on many swimsuit, lingerie and glamour calendar shoots. Attention to detail has always been my main focus. Bringing out the inner beauty and style of any model is a talent I have developed through experience behind the lens. Understanding that every designer, product brand or client is an artist of their own, I know I am responsible for portraying vitally important elements such as texture, details, stitching of fabrics and emotions in the final image. I therefore see my client as a team member and enjoy input from them to help create the final product.

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