Lion Sands – April 2008

Our drive from Notten’s to Lion Sands was uneventful – this time we did not get lost!

Evening Drive – 8 April

As we made our way on our drive, we came across part of the resident pride of lions – a female lion looking after the cubs. Later on, as it became dark, we found the rest of the pride, including the males.

We crossed the riverbed near Ivory Lodge and found a giant eagle owl.

Morning Drive – 9 April

We took the same road as the night before and found another giant eagle owl. This one had a snake – a kill!

We came across a herd of buffalo, before finding a leopard. The ranger had not seen him in a long time. He moved deep into the bush and we carried on our way.

Evening Drive – 9 April

We made our way to a dam where we saw hippo and saddle-billed storks. As we moved off and around the corner, we found lions lying in the road. Terry was taking photos, but when he moved his lens (the big one!) he got a good stare from the female.

We made our way back to the dam to find the hippo rolling around in the dirty water. A white rhino came down to drink too.

Morning Drive – 10 April

We found a rhino who was sleeping, standing up, with his head resting against a tree.

We also had a lovely sighting of a leopard.

Mammal sightings: Elephant herd

Bird sightings: Saddle-billed stork (pair)

Evening Drive – 10 April

We went to the dam to see the hippo again and found them rolling around like the night before. A rhino and calf came down to drink. It was radioed that the pride of lion was in a river donga. We drove to the other side of the donga and parked to wait for the lions to cross out. Inadvertently, though, we had put ourselves between the lions and the cubs. So the ranger reversed the vehicle a short distance and we watched the cubs run across to the females who had come up on our side of the donga. They (the cubs) got a good cleaning!

Bird sightings: Saddle-billed stork (pair)

Morning Drive – 11 April

We drove up a road and found a lioness with cubs walking down the road. After enjoying this sighting, we moved on and found a male lion on his own.

Mammal sightings: Buffalo herd

Bird sightings: Pearl-spotted owlet, Purple roller

And just like that our trip to the bush was over and it was time to go home…