Ngala - March 2009

We arrived at Ngala Safari Lodge on the Monday. After all the rains the bush and grass were very thick, which made sightings hard work. We were, however, blessed with some amazing sightings over our stay. One of our first sightings was a den of Hyaena. Just as the sun was setting we saw a wild cat. The Timbavati River was flowing so much that we couldn't cross it for our first couple of drives.

On one morning drive we were called on the radio to a cheetah sighting close by. As we got there we could see the cheetah setting up for a hunt. A herd of impala was a mere 10 metres away and didn't know the cheetah was there. We saw the chase, didn't see the take down, but found it soon after and watched as it applied the death bite. We were able to watch the cheetah having a good meal. We had waited over 20 years to see this and it was the rest of our groups first safari!!!

One afternoon we had two great leopard sightings one after the other. The first one had caught a duckling and would release it and then re-catch it. We could even see the mother duck flying overhead calling for its young. After we left we went for sundowners and had just put up the table when the ranger asked me to look through my binoculars at the dam wall. Sure enough there was a young leopard. So we hopped onto the vehicle and had another amazing sighting.

Our final drive gave us another great sighting. A number of herds of breeding elephant had met up and were making their way towards the Kruger Park. They were busy grazing, having dirt baths, goring anthills and pulling up trees. There were a number of youngsters within the group.

And so came to an end an amazing trip. The bush always leaves you satisfied, relaxed and wanting more. We would love to go back and stay at Ngala Tented Camp.