Bakubung – November 2010

Margie (Val’s Mom) has timeshare at Bakubung and she invited Terry and I to join her and Michael for the week as I was on sabbatical. Unfortunately Terry already had some commitments with the HOA so we joined them for 2 nights only.

Michael cooked us dinner from a Jamie Oliver cookbook. On the second day, we took everyone to lunch as a treat.

Some of the sightings we enjoyed were:

• Lion on our first drive – although in the distance only

• Rhino

• A prawn-like/grasshopper type insect on rotting poles in the dam

• Breeding herd of elephant going down to swim in the dam

• Honey badger

Michael and Margie were in their own car and said they would be following us. When we first saw the badger, they were nowhere to be seen so we tried, unsuccessfully, to call them a couple of time. Fortunately the badger was still in the open, just further under the trees when they eventually caught up with us. So they did see it too!

• Red-billed oxpecker on another rhino

• At the dam

o White-faced ducks

o Red-billed teals

o Terrapins