Rietvlei – 22 June 2020

After we had seen how things were going in Level 3 lockdown, we decided to take Jummy to see some real wildlife (rather than just experiencing it through photos from Terry when we travelled previously.)

It was a short drive to get there – not much more than 30 minutes. We saw a fair amount of game – much of it just outside the comfortable viewing distance, so binoculars were essential.

The highlight was definitely two male white rhino sizing each other up. Jummy had bought some data so that she could connect to her daughter in Thailand and she could experience it with us. They were both excited to see the rhinos.

Another highlight, especially for Jummy, was a good sighting of zebra near some water alongside the road. There was even a foal amongst them.

As we left, we came across a black-backed jackal on the side of the road. It was very relaxed and didn’t move away. In fact, when another car drove up, it moved to check it out. We thought someone may have given it food and it associated this with the vehicles.

All in all, we had a lovely day. We want to try to go back after the migrant birds arrive.

Birds: Ant-eating chat, Cape crow, African fish eagle, western cattle egret, common fiscal, helmeted guineafowl, greater kestrel, black-winged kite, red-crested korhaan, African wattled lapwing, blacksmith lapwing, crowned lapwing, Cape longclaw, common moorhen, ostrich, African pipit, Cape glossy starling, African stonechat, spotted thick-knee, capped wheatear, long-tailed widowbird

Mammals: Blesbok, eland, red hartebeest, black-backed jackal, slender mongoose, yellow mongoose, white rhino, springbok, waterbuck, black wildebeest, zebra